Yes! The canine vaccines, both the killed injectable and the intra-nasal modified live have been successfully used.

For unaffected catteries: Killed injectable to all cats (every 6 months), and queens 3 weeks before breeding. Intra-nasal MLV to kittens at 6 and 9 weeks.

For affected catteries: Killed injectable to all cats, queens 3 weeks before breeding, at 21 days of pregnancy, and 24 hours post birthing. Intra-nasal MLV to kittens at 10 days (or when eyes open), 3, 6, and 9 weeks. Queens should follow the same regimen as the kittens.

In addition, since the Herpes virus is so opportunistic in conjunction with this infection, vaccination of all cats with a MLV (modified live) 3 or 4-way Flu vaccine is highly recommended for all those catteries that previously only used killed. The killed vaccine is simply not effective enough when challenged with both diseases. Affected catteries should also vaccinate kittens with a MLV intra-nasal 2 or 3-way Flu vaccine at 8, 10, and 12 weeks.

Bordetella vaccines successfully used: Killed-Coughgard-B, Bio-Cor. MLV–Ft. Dodge vaccine (don’t know name), IntraTrac II ADT or Bronchi-shield II (the last two contain vaccine for canine parainfluenza. This has not reported to give any problems), and the SmithKlineBeecham vaccine.

There has been some indication on the Internet regarding an unnamed company exploring the possibility of marketing a feline Bordetella vaccine. There is no solid evidence at this time, and it will, at minimum, be awhile before one is made available to the public. We hope this will be more successful than the FIP “vaccine”!