angora-kittensA group of Turkeys for the holidays… well, Turkish Angoras, that is. The cat fancy has so much to be grateful for this year. Despite the tough times with the economy, our shows go on, with the magnificent CFA International held last weekend reigning again as the largest cat show in North America with 633 beautiful cats traveling to Atlanta to be handled by the most popular CFA judges, as voted on by breeders. My husband, Michael, had the privilege of being invited to clerk at the show, so he had a front row seat for all the excitement.

The show held near you this weekend may be a bit smaller, a little less flashy, but is still guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you see owners and judges handle beautiful pedigreed cats and kittens… as well as very special household pet contestants whose pedigrees may be known only to Mother Nature. To find a cat show near you, visit:  or

Make sure you share a bit of the Thanksgiving turkey (no bones, please!) with the special cat(s) of your family. Whether your cat came from a dedicated breeder or your local animal shelter or rescue group, give thanks that you found each other!