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Cat Supplies

Flea control is essential for the good healh of your cat. Fanciers members recommend using Frontline or Advantage monthly. For immediate flea control that will kill all the fleas on your cat (coming home from a show hotel or the vet), keep Capstar on hand. A premise spray can come in handy to kill fleas in the environment and prevent the development of hatching eggs. Safe to use for ant and other insect control around cats, too!

Cat grooming

Whether you are planning to show your cat or simply want to keep your cat looking spiffy, a bath is a good place to start. The first line of attack in preventing mats forming in longhaired cats is to bathe them monthly. Bathing removes the oils and shed hair that cause mats to form. The shampoos below are recommended by Fanciers members. Remember that rinsing well is the most important part of a bath!

Cat medications

Discuss with your vet the appropriate use of all medications.Drontal is a wormer for roundworms and tapeworms. Ivermectin is effective against roundworms, body mites and ear mites. Lime sulfur is the ONLY topical treatment effective against ringworm. Some breeders have had success incorporating one large dog tablet of Program into their ringworm treatment protocol. Lysine is an excellent supplement to suppress respiratory disease due to herpesvirus.