On the menu bar to the left, click View Breeder Ads, then click on your breed of choice. You will then see a list of current “litter announcements.” These are the listings our members have placed to notify you of their puppies (or occasional adult) availble to new homes. Look through these listings and read about each breeder; you want to find someone who meets your standards and who will be there for you for the life of your pet. Also, click on the Breeder Profile link (either on the left red menu bar or near the top of the list). This will provide you with some information on the breed, including some health issues you should be aware of. Remember, a good, responsible breeder will test their dogs for common health concerns and will also offer a lengthy health guarantee. Pay close attention to the highlighted bars on some breeders’ listings; they indicate additional information available about that member (click on the highlight bar to see this info). This additional information, such as show results, health testing, health guarantee, breed club memberships, etc., often are indicative of a conscientious and responsible breeding program.