Originally written 1991 & updated through 1997 by Cindy Tittle Moore. Maintained by the Fanciers website as of July 1999.

I could not have done this without the help and encouragement of many individuals. Among the more notable ones:

  • Erin Miller for her two faqs on Feleuk and FIP, her help in rewriting and reorganizing the faqs a few years back.
  • Orca Starbuck for feedback and encouragement, also her involvement with the Fanciers website, a fantastic and definitive resource for the cat lover.
  • Laura Gilbreath, for helping to organize and html-ize the breed faqs and general breed descriptions. She did such a wonderful job I link to it instead of providing my own, though I still post the text versions to rpd.announce.
  • Barbara French has contributed several faqs to the collection here.
  • The breed faq authors
  • Debbie van den Berg, for taking over the WWW list for feline sites — thank you!
  • Janis Cortese, for contributing the graphics to this site.