Look on a breeder’s listing… If a breeder has included their phone number on their ad or profile, then calling the breeder is likely the best way to start. Obviously, if you are considering a puppy and want to learn more about a breeder, then speaking with them on the phone is generally the best way to get to know them and to get your questions answered. However, some breeders may omit their phone number from their profile due to a concern over security, telemarketers, or prank calls. That is certainly understandable, so omitting their phone number should not be interpreted as a negative… any reponsible breeder is equally interested in talking to you. So, email is a good second alternative to the initial contact. Just click the Email Breeder button on their listing and follow the contact form instructions to send them an email. Additionally, if you do speak by phone, sending a follow-up email is generally a good idea. This lets the breeder know you are interested and lets you make sure they have your email address and phone number.