Hello to dedicated breeders near and far:

We have been breeding pedigreed cats in California since  1980, beginning with silvers, and then moving into chocolates and lilacs  in ~1995. We now are anticipating, at the end of January,  our first litter of Selkirks, from a breeding of our Selkirk longhaired male, Ch Rhinestone Curlboy to Tuleburg Diva, a lilac female CPC.  My daughter, Suzanne, owner of Aolani Cattery,  has jumped the gun and has already produced her  first Selkirks, a lovely  litter of 8, from her lilac pt Selkirk, bred to our red and white champion Persian male,  including 3 calicos, 2 torties, 2 blue and white males, and a black male. They can be seen on our website, along with our Tuleburg cats. We are looking forward to this new direction for a New Year!