Canadian Sphynx kittens for sale!

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Breed Type: Sphynx
Age: 3 Months
Description: Offers for sale 2very perpective kitten of Canadian Sphynx borned at 27/10/11:
1seal point(blue eyed) female and black with white (colorpoint carier) male,
both kitten are fully vacinated and ready to go to the new home!
All our kittens are growen in love and tenderness thats why they all have very
connectfull,playfull character and strong health,they love to be kissed and like to kiss a lot! :)
Our prices: Pet-800eur(1000$) Breeder-1400eur(1800$)
P.S. If u are a good person and u liked someone of our kittens a lot,
then do not hesistate to connect us and we always can come to a good
decision for both of us)
Name: Marina
Location: International
City: Ivanovo
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