Peterbald sphynx

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Breed Type: Peterbald
Services Provided: Breeding
Description: We kindly invite you to view our web page concerning Peterbald cats. When you cool down - I mean, firstly you will feel surprised, then astonished and you will have more negative than positive feelings attached to it, then you will observe that you feel compassion for "these poor, bold creatures", next you will decide that they come from the universe - and finally you will discover majesty in their slim body shapes, hapiness in their eyes as big as the sky, and the bandit's personality bewitched in frivolous, fast paws - you are welcome to visit us.

Peterbald cat is like a piece of art work. We have a great passion for these cats.
Name: Karolina Kowalik
Phone: 48501146370
Location: International
City: Myslenice / Poland
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Peterbald sphynxPeterbald sphynxPeterbald sphynxPeterbald sphynxPeterbald sphynx
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