Cat Showing for New Exhibitors:

North America

Written by: Barbara French, Tarantara Cattery, Rochester, NY,

About this FAQ: This FAQ is written for people who are contemplating showing a cat in a sanctioned cat show in North America. Show routines are very different in Europe, and I am not familiar enough with the way things are done in Europe to write about that.

I extend a special thanks to the denizens of the Fanciers mailing list, who all contributed marvelous information to correct errors, clarify points, add great gems of advice, and round out my view of different associations. However, any errors in this work are mine; send flames in my direction if necessary.

This FAQ is divided into two parts:

Part I: Deciding to Show

Part II: What To Do at the Show

To help you decide which you wish to view first, the Table of Contents for Parts I and II are listed below.

Part I: Deciding to Show

I have a kitty I want to show. How do I get involved?

What kind of cat do you have?

Knowing if your cat is a potential show cat

Finding appropriate shows

Entering a show

Show costs

Preparing your kitty to be shown

Part II: What To Do at the Show

What do I need to bring to a show?

Checking in and setting up

Pre-judging routine

The show routine

Finals rings

How do I treat a judge?

A few miscellaneous tidbits