Schedule of points for TICA titles

David Thomas
Champ/Alter HHP Points required for Title
CH/CHA Master 300 points from 4 different judges, plus one final
GC/GCA GM 1000 points plus 6 finals from 4 different judges (3 finals must be in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB)
DGC/DGA DGM 2000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a GC or GM
TGC/TGA TGM 3000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a DGC or DGM
QGC/QGA QGM 4000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a TGC or TGM
SGC/SGA SGM 6000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a QGC or QGM
Points required for titles are cumulative. For example, the 2000 points required for DGC includes the 1000 points already earned for GC.

Regional and International Awards are computed by the Executive Office based on Finals points plus one point for each cat defeated in Finals (color and division points are not counted).

Points are accrued as follows:
Best of Division (Specialty or Allbreed)
BOD 25
2nd BOD 20
3rd BOD 15
Best of Color (Specialty or Allbreed)
BOC 25
2nd BOC 20
3rd BOC 15
4th BOC 10
5th BOC 5

No additional points for breed wins.
Allbreed Finals Specialty Finals
Best 200 Best 150
2nd Best 190 2nd Best 140
3rd Best 180 3rd Best 130
4th Best 170 4th Best 120
5th Best 160 5th Best 110
6th Best 150 6th Best 100
7th Best 140 7th Best 90
8th Best 130 8th Best 80
9th Best 120 9th Best 70
10th Best 110 10th Best 60
Prior to the '93 show season, any ring that had less than 25 cats present and competing could only award finals for Top 5 (only the top 5 finals would count, even if the judge handed out all the rosettes). Now, the finals format is determined as follows:
Cats Competing Format
25 or more Top 10
24 Top 9
23 Top 8
22 Top 7
21 Top 6
20 or less Top 5
This avoids penalizing the other cats if the 25th cat should happen to be absent.