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Cat Lover's Bibliography

compiled by Annette K. Gaskins

Table of Contents


Fiction: It is interesting to note that there are so many mystery novels with feline protagonists.

Mixed Literary Anthologies: What is very unique about the following titles is that they are a mixed bag of writings about cats ranging from classic to modern short stories and poetry.


Anecdotes, Facetiae, & Satire: Typical Cat behavior is ripe material for humorists. Most of these titles speak for themselves to those who know and love cats.

Biographies of Cats and Their Owners:

Behavior & Training: Some owners think the only way they can get their cats to behave is to lower their expectations. The following titles offer suggestions on how to keep your feline in- line.

Legends and Stories: These authors have explored our historical relationships with cats, including our beliefs, fables, and folklore.

Care, Feeding and Other Health Concerns:

Pictorial Works:


These titles cover a wide range of information concerning cat ownership, from new owner concerns to a look at a professional cat show.


Organizational Resources

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