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The Animal Council

The Animal Council (TAC) was founded in 1991 to combat San Mateo County's (California) action to enact legislation forbidding cat and dog breeding, and mandating sterilization of all cats and dogs. TAC is a California nonprofit, public benefit, tax-exempt (501 c4) corporation.

TAC's goal is to seek positive, humane solutions to the challenges of animal rights activists through study, analysis and application of animal husbandry, statistics and law, and at the same time preserve human benefit for all species, breeds and registries.

TAC is supported by individuals' donations, grants and the personal contributions of its directors.

For further information please contact TAC at:

The Animal Council
P.O. Box 168
Millbrae, CA 94030

The San Mateo County Pet Overpopulation Ordinance: A Legislative Failure

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