!!!Very rare and unique kittens are for sale, Don Sphynx!!!

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Breed Type: Donskoy
Age: 1 Month
Description: Very rare and unique kittens are for sale, Donskoi Sphynx . They differ from the Canadian Sphynx because some kittens may have some fur. Sometimes, the kittens are born a little fluffy, but then completely shed the whole coat.
Our kittens have good quality parents. We do not have a lot of kittens; they are born once a year. It is not our business to breed cats.They are raised in an environment with children and a dog. We spend a lot of time training the kittens to kitty litter.
Everyone who purchases a kitten needs to know a lot of very important information. Do the kitten’s parents mark the territory in the house? Because if they do so, there is a great possibility that your kitten will do the same when grows up, and fighting the smell will be difficult. We are proud to announce that our kittens do not have it in their nature, and that has never been the case.
Those who buy a kitten get a professional portrait of their kitten.
Name: Radmila Ladyzhinskaya
Phone: 7189346900
Location: New York
City: Brooklyn
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!!!Very rare and unique kittens are for sale, Don Sphynx!!!
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