CheshirSmile British Shorthair & Scottish Folds

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Breed Type: British Shorthair
Services Provided: Breeding
Description: British Shorthair & Scottish Folds
CFA GC RW INT Lines The Brits we specialize in blues bi-colors & dilute calico occasionally available.
Our Scottish Folds come in a wide variety of solid colors & patterns bi-colors, calico's, tabbies, including silver tabbies
For Brits phone (April) 714-926-5930 for Folds (Olga) 714-842-0771
Shipping for the Brits only within the US
For the Folds local pick up only
Name: April Parmelee
Phone: 7149265930
Location: California
City: Sounthern CA
Email: Send an Email
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CheshirSmile British Shorthair & Scottish Folds
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