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Breed Type: Ragdoll
Services Provided: Breeding
Description: We are located in Dundas, Ontario. TICA, CFA registered cattery. Our Ragdolls are our cherished pets first & breeders second. We don't have a large quantity of kittens available each year, but the quality of the kittens we do have is paramount and helps us in fulfilling our goal of spreading the Ragdoll charm! We raise Traditional ragdoll & Solid colors of Rare Solid White Ragdolls & rare Mink Ragdolls. All our Ragdoll cats are tested for Felv, F.I.V, DNA tested for HCM & PKD. We Ship Nationwide & Welcome International Inquiries.
Website: http://www.adenragdoll.ca
Name: Sue
Location: International
City: Toronto
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