Dixie Willow Ragdolls

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Breed Type: Ragdoll
Services Provided: Breeding
Description: Sweet, floppy Ragdoll cats and kittens who are spoiled rotten from the very beginning. Grand Champion bloodlines with a special emphasis on temperament and health; we have all colors and patterns including lynx. Although our Ragdolls have become therapy cats, successful show cats, and made a number of television & movie appearances, they are loved as pets first and foremost. Kittens and young adults available occasionally to select homes who will spoil them as they have come to expect. :-)
Website: www.DixieWillow.com
Name: Dixie Willow Ragdolls
Location: Arizona
City: Phoenix
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Dixie Willow RagdollsDixie Willow RagdollsDixie Willow RagdollsDixie Willow RagdollsDixie Willow Ragdolls
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