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ABallbreed (AB): An \"allbreed ring\" at a show is a ring in which cats of all breeds are judged and ranked against each other. An \"allbreed judge\" is a judge who is licensed to judge allbreed rings. Compare with specialty.
ACAACA: The American Cat Association, a cat registering association based in the US.
ACFAACFA: The American Cat Fanciers Association, a cat registering association based in the US.
AOVAny Other Variety (AOV): The AOV class at a North American show is open to purebred and registered cats that are not eligible to compete because their color, hair length, or another characteristic does not meet the standard for their breed. For example, a Manx cat with a tail would compete in the AOV class. AOVs compete against each other, but are not eligible to compete for titles, regional awards, or national awards.
ASHASH: American Shorthair, a breed.
BEWBEW: Blue Eyed White
BSHBSH: British Shorthair, a breed.
CEWCEW: Copper Eyed White.
CFACFA: The Cat Fanciers\' Association, a cat registering association based in the US.
CFFCFF: The Cat Fanciers\' Federation, a cat registering association based in the US.

CH: Champion, a title.

Champion (CH): In most associations, this is the first title that a cat can compete for in the championship class (and in TICA, also the alter class). The particular requirements depend on the association.


CPSHCPSH: Colorpoint Shorthair, a breed.
DGCDGC: Double Grand Champion, a title.
DGMDouble Grand Master,  a title.
DLHDomestic Longhair.
DMDistinguished Merit,  a title.
DMHDomestic Mediumhair.
DSHDomestic Shorthair.
ECEuropean Champion,  a title.
EMSEasy Mind System. A code system for easily defining a cat's color used by FIFe.
EPEuropean Premior,  a title.
ESHExotic Shorthair.
FIFeFIFe: Federation Internationale Feline, a cat registering association based in Europe.
GCGC: Grand Champion, a title.
GCCFGCCF: The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, a cat registering association based in the UK.
GICGIC: Grand International Champion, a title.
GIPGIP: Grand International Premior, a title.
GMGrand Master,  a title.
GPGrand Premier,  a title.
HHPHousehold Pet.
ICInternational Champion, a title.
IPInternational Premior, a title.
ISFA The International Scottish Fold Association, a breed club.
IWInternational Winner, a title.
JBTJapanese Bobtail, a breed.
MCMaine Coon.
MCBFAMCBFA:  Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association, a breed club.
MGCMGC: Master Grand Champion, a title.
MGPMGP: Master Grand Premier, a title.
NWNW: National Winner, a title.
ODOD: Outstanding Dam, a title.
OEWOEW: Odd Eyed White.
OSOS: Outstanding Sire, a title.
OSAOSA:  Oriental Shorthairs of America, a breed club.
OSHOSH:  Oriental Shorthair, a breed.
PRPR: Premier, a title. (In FIFe, it is spelled \"Premior.\")
QGCQGC: Quadruple Grand Champion, a title.
QGMQGM: Quadruple Grand Master, a title.
RFCIRFCI: Ragdoll  Fanciers\' Club International, a breed club.
RWRW: Regional Winner, a title.
SGCSGC: Supreme Grand Champion, a title.
SGMSGM: Supreme Grand Master, a title.
SHSH: Shorthair.
SPSP: Specialty.
TCATCA: The Traditional Cat Association, a cat registering association based in the US.
TGCTGC: Triple Grand Champion, a title.
TGMTGM: Triple Grand Master, a title.
TICATICA: The International Cat Association, a cat registering association based in the US.
WWWW: World Winner, a title.

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